Friday, December 11, 2009

Muslim artist sculpts Lord Ram’s statue in Kerala | Top News

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    Muslim artist sculpts Lord Ram’s statue in Kerala
    • Thrissur
    • Thrissur,
    • A Muslim mason in Thrissur district of Kerala has designed and sculpted an idol of Lord Rama for the local Hindu temple.
    • Rasheed and his wife have spent all their savings to sculpt and install this idol.

      “Being an Indian every one of us should protect India as our own country. Let an individual be from any religion - Muslim, Hindu or Christian or belong to any caste, it is our duty to save our country. So I sculptured the idol of Lord Ram to spread awareness about communal amity to those people who kill one another in the name of religion," said Abdul Rasheed.

      Hindus have applauded and welcomed his move and said that the idol will be duly placed on a pedestal at the Triprayar Rama Temple after obtaining permission from the state''s governing body of temples.

    • The six feet high idol is entirely made-up of concrete.
    • He has formed a small group of like-minded people in the village.

      Members of this forum in their free time interact with the villagers as a part of their crusade against the evils of alcohol and tobacco.

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