Friday, December 11, 2009

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    • Secularism’s rage boys

      Balbir K Punj
    • Why are such hysterical responses reserved only for issues such as the demolition of the Babri structure, which appeal only to fundamentalist sections of the Muslim community? The rest of the problems plaguing the country are either met with deafening silence or at best muted responses on the part of the ‘secularists’.
    • One of the most shameful chapters in our country’s recent history is the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits and the destruction of numerous Hindu temples in the Kashmir Valley at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists. More than two decades have passed since the beginning of militancy in the Valley but half-a-million Pandits continue to be refugees in their own country. Nothing tangible has been done to rehabilitate them in their homeland. Could there be anything more scandalous?

      Over two crore Bangladeshi Muslims have infiltrated into India over the past three decades. Barring a few deportations, all of them have made themselves comfortable and most of them have even managed to register themselves as Indian voters. As a result, the demographic character of several parts of the country has undergone a sea change. Does this “demographic invasion” (to quote from an Assam High Court judgement) prick the conscience of our ‘secularists’? Is it not disgraceful that foreigners have a say in electing our members of Parliament and legislatures?
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