Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bangladeshi Hindus :- Their problems and time tested solutions | Bangladeshi Hindu - Portal to Hindu World!

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    • Bangladeshi Hindus must take inspiration from Sikhs. It is the need of the hour; Hindus must , in the midst of oppression, turn into a martial race. Not in the sense that they pick up weapons and fight   people but rather using weapons provided by civil society and democracy. So, every time someone is killed for being a Hindu, call a ‘Bandh’ ; whenever our women are molested, ‘gherao’  the police station and civic buildings, jam the roads, block rail tracks and when our properties are seized, do not hesitate to pour black paint on government buildings. In such non-violent actions, the aim must not be to create fear in the minds of non-Hindus but rather to emphasize that Hindus will not take injustice lying down.

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