Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kabul attacked soon after Indian MI Chief‘s covert Afghan trip

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    • The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that the incident occurred at a time when the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates and US Special Envoy on Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrook were set to hold talks with Indians to discuss an elaborated military role of India in Afghanistan.
      These findings further indicate that New Delhi is desirous of taking a comprehensive military role in Afghanistan after the US and the NATO troops are withdrawn from the war ravaged country and thus it wants to be militarily engaged in Afghanistan right now to take the military control gradually. The Indians are planning to get a nod in this regard, during or after the high profile international conference on Afghanistan that is going to be held in London later this month. The findings reveal that at the moment, the Indians have planned to prove their importance for deployment in Afghanistan to the Americans and the NATO members and thus it has launched an aggressive campaign of terror and insurgency operations in Afghanistan through its own agents and operatives.

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