Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kashmiri Pandits' programme disrupted

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    • A programme to mark two decades of Kashmiri Hindus' exodus from the Valley was disrupted here this evening for several minutes when a heated exhange of words broke out social activist Madhu Kishwar and two women who accused her of supporting self-rule in Jammu and Kashmir.

      The trouble began when Kishwar, one of the speakers, started addressing the audience by explaining her family's link with Jammu and Kashmir.

      Nancy Kaul, who espouses the cause of displaced Kashmiris, charged towards Kishwar demanding she first read a "resolution" passed at a 'multi-party dialogue' on Jammu and Kashmir.

      She accued Kishwar, who is also the editor of journal 'Manushi', of supporting self-rule in Jammu and Kashmir.

      Kishwar shot back that Kaul could not differntiate between a 'ghoda' and a 'gadha'. At this, another woman, who was sitting next to Kaul, stood up and demanded Kishwar apologise for her remarks.

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