Sunday, February 14, 2010

At a tender age, among the world-renouncing sadhus!

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    • Haridwar
    • The sight of the children among the Naga sadhus, Shiva devotees who roam naked to symbolise denial of the material world, catches one by surprise while visiting the 'akharas' here.

      The children are not the Nagas but are being looked after by the akharas or Hindu religious orders. From education to well being, everything is being taken care of.

      "They are not Nagas. The akharas run various schools and take care of the poor children. Diksha (initiation) is given only to those who work towards it and that too only after they are in the age group of 16-18," Mahant Udai Chetan Puri of the Juna Akhara told PTI.

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