Thursday, February 11, 2010

Muslim family helps Jagruti get back her toe - Vadodara - City - The Times of India

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    • Jagruti's great toe had got detached while she was playing with a cycle last week. While doctors of Karamsad medical hospital are proud that they have successfully put the toe back in place, what would move many is the fact that it was a Muslim family in Jagruti's neighbourhood that saw the girl's pain and financed her operation even as they themselves hail from a humble financial background. The Muslim family will also fulfill a vow to offer a toe made of silver at a dargah' as the girl has recovered completely.
    • Shehnaz Vohra, whose husband Iliyas, a worker at Anand's vegetable market, who paid for the operation, on her part adds that she was only concerned about the girl's well being.

      "My sons Aamin and Abraz have grown up playing with her and Jagruti is like my daughter. If she would have not been operated, finding a suitable bridegroom would have turned difficult in future," says Shehnaz, adding that she will complete her vow as soon as Jagruti, who is presently hospitalised, is brought back to her home.

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