Saturday, May 1, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Approach courts to stop Christians from misusing Hinduism

Haindava Keralam - global community of dedicated Hindu Keralites with a peace mission

  • GSK Menon
  • It is also reported that the Karnataka government has issued a circular directing non- Christian institutions to stop using convent tag if it is not run by Christian priests or nuns.Are not Christian institutions misusing Hindu religious terms ? Many Christian institutions are using the terms 'Ashram" "Gurukul" "Vidya Peeth"  "Kshetra". These are all Hindu terms to describe their institutions and organisations. Is this not a misuse ? Hindus should be worried more so because they do not eat non - vegetarian food and liquor in their institutions, whereas  that is the staple food of Christians.Similarly , Christians are misusing names of Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Amala, Nirmala, Vimala, Parmeshwar, Mahesh etc.
  • Hindus also should approach the courts to stop Christians from misusing their religious terms, customs and rituals.