Saturday, May 1, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Helpless Hindus surrender their rights as Collector denied permission to conduct Temple festival

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  • Dindugal:
  • Helpless Hindus of  Perumalkovilpatti had only one option in front of them - To surrender all their material rights given by the Government , To show their anger and protest against barring them from their birth right - The right to worship.Villagers here handed over their ration cards, voter identity cards, farmer identity cards , government life and health insurance cards back to Dindugal RDO to show their protest for banning them from celebrating a small festival in Kaliamman temple. The villager’s request seeking permission to build a compound wall around Kaliamman temple and conduct a festival had been turned down by Dindugal collector. Few months back a Christian Missionaries murdered a Hindu named Aandi in front of this very same village. Dindigal Collector Vallalar who visited the area then had given permission to Hindus to construct a compound wall to protect the temple from Christian aggressors.Perumalkovilpatti (literally and ironically meaning village of Vishnu temple) is a village near Dindugal town. Here Christians are majority. So Hindus are denied their right to celebrate Pongal in their own temple.