Saturday, May 1, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Heights of Secularism - Holy water from Mecca and Vatican for conducting Bhoomi Pooja in Temple!

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  • P. Deivamuthu Editor, Hindu Voice & National Spirit
  • We all know that Pandharpur in Maharashtra is famous for its Vittal Mandir, which is under the Maharashtra Government. The Govt. of Maharashtra is doing some development work there, probably for providing better amenities for the pilgrims, which is good.However, what is shocking is that for the inauguration of the development work, at the time of performing the Bhoomi Pooja, the Govt. of Maharashtra brought 'holy' water from Vatican and Mecca (apart from holy water from all over Bharat). A concerned Hindu who watched this news in a Marathi TV channel phoned me, and expressed his anger at the bringing of water from Vatican and Mecca for a function at a Hindu Temple.The appeasement policy of Congress is going beyond limit, as is the tolerance of Hindus.