Saturday, May 1, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Should not aided schools be secular ?

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  •  GSK Menon
  • A large number of so called "Minority Institutions" are receiving aid from the government as a routine. These are called aided institutions. Usually the salary of teachers are borne by the government, but the government gets no right to appoint teachers i.e. taxpayer's money only is welcome . These institutions are sporting Christian names, displaying Christian religious symbols and in Madrasaas it is Quran and Arabic teaching. Why should an alien language be subsidised and taught in our country ? Are the Arabs subsidising study of Hindi ? India is claiming itself to be a secular country but why is tax payers money being dumped into institutions that are free from government control and are exhibiting religious symbols ? Those institutions that get government aid,or  collect capitation fee should be declared as public institutions. The public and government should have a say in these institutions.