Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fighting Secular Tyranny Against Hindus | Babu Suseelan

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    • Written by Dr. Babu Suseelan   
    • Today, Hindus are faced with acute problems, and Hindus have no political power to influence corrupt secular politicians looting our country, stealing our temple wealth, destroying our culture and diverting Hindu tax money for Hajj subsidy, Mosque construction, Mullah Pension, missionary training, and lavish luxury lifestyle for the elected corrupt secular politicians.  If Hindus had to survive, Hindus must restore that vital relation between our spirituality, culture and politics. Hindus need to develop the skill and audacity for confronting pseudo secularists, develop some worthwhile interests and work hard to promote it. "What is the best of all things that are praised?": "SKILL". (The Mahabharata)

      Hindus should not elect secular politicians unwilling to challenge coercive religious conversion, jihadi terrorism, cultural pollution and corruption.  Hindus and religious organizations must break their thick wall of denial and fight vigorously against bogus secular politicians seeking to serve their own self interests by serving our enemies. Mayavadis who preach Ekam Sad Viprah Bahudha Vadanti" should be confronted with reality. Their weakness begins to unravel when one asks "why don't you go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Syria or Kashmir to preach your philosophy? Their diatribes are nothing but expressions of their subjective preferences.

    • Our society is full of moral cowards, and secular politicians paralyzed by the loss of moral standards and goals. Hindus must take the initiative to assume the responsibility of asserting rational Hindu values. No matter how hard the struggle, Hindus must act. If not now, when?

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