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    • After the War of 1857, the incidence of Hindu-Muslim riots in India had come down sharply. By lending support to the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers in 1920, Gandhi inaugurated a fresh storm of Hindu-Muslim riots which has not abated to this day.
    • A bright young lawyer in the Congress warned the opportunist Gandhi against mixing religion with politics. But Gandhi would care no less, after all he wanted to curry favour to the Muslims and win their approval. The bright young lawyer was thoroughly disgusted with Gandhi’s hypocrisy. He left the Congress and joined the Muslim League, negotiated on equal terms with Gandhi, caused the slaughter of several hundreds of thousands of Hindus and forced the creation of Muslim Pakistan. He was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the political heir to the alleged “Mahatma”.
    • The thoroughly cynical and opportunist alliance between Congress under the leadership of Gandhi with the Khilafat Movement under the Ali brothers was to utilise the violence prone behaviour of Muslims to frighten the British Colonial government into leaving India. Gandhi was very aware of the violent nature simmering in the psyche of the Muslims but he was willing, out of his rancour for the British Raj, to make any, absolutely any, compromise with the Muslims at any cost, to the Hindus, ofcourse! Gandhi’s compromises and concessions to the Muslims to further his political agenda were always at a great cost to the Hindus who trusted, honoured and followed him.
    • Though the Khilafat Movement had fizzled out in most parts of India by 1921, al taqquiya (or ISLAMIC SACRED LYING) flowered amongst the Muslim Clerics of Malabar.

      The Muslim clerics set afloat the propaganda among the Moplah Muslims
      that the Khilafat Movement was crowned with success,
      that the British regime has come to an end and
      that the Khilafat has been reinstated.
      Now it was the time to eliminate all kafirs (Hindus!) and establish Dar-ul-Islam,
      the Moplahs were told.

      The fallout was terrible and gruesome. Moplah fury was first directed against the British. But after police firing and deaths of their own men, the Muslim Moplah cowards turned their wrath against the unsuspecting, unprepared and unarmed hapless Hindus who were, in their bigoted and prejudiced Islamic eyes, as much kafirs as the British. The tragic history of the Moplah Rebellion of 1921 unfolds.
    • The Moplahs are a band of fanatic Muslims who have descended from the Arabs trader-pirates who settled in the Malabar Coast in about the 8th or 9th century AD and married mostly Hindu women and created a sizeable population of Muslims. Over the years they acquired an unenviable notoriety for crimes against non-Muslims perpetrated under the impulse of religious frenzy. They were responsible for 35 riots during the British rule, the most terrible being the one that took place in August-September 1921 known in history as ‘The Moplah Rebellion’.
    • According to the report of the Enquiry Committee of the Servants of India Society submitted to the Government of India in 1921, the number of Hindus murdered in Malabar District was 1,500, the number forcibly converted to Islam 20,000 and the value of property looted was more than Rs 3 crore at 1921 prices!

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