Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hindu News Capsule: Jinnah - Jaswant - Pakistan

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    • The real truth is - Jinnah did not create Pakistan; Pakistan did create Jinnah. Jinnah did not divide India. Islam did. In Jinnah’s own words- “ The seed for Pakistan had been planted the very day when the first Indian man got converted to Islam.’’ When Congress refused the demand for Pakistan, Jinnah retorted, “A cab can be snatched away from forest, but the memory of forest is deeply inculcated/imprinted/implanted in it and can never be wiped out. You (Congress or Hindus) are refusing the demand of Pakistan today, but you can never wipe out the idea of Pakistan that is deeply implanted into every Muslim psyche in India.’’[source : Meaning of Pakistan - by F.A.Khan Durani].
    • This is thus crystal clear that there was a fertile land for Pakistan in Muslim psyche. In that fertile land Gandhi, Surendranath, Chittaranjan tried to cultivate patriotism. They were sincere in their effort. But, they failed and they failed miserably. Their whole-hearted effort went down the chain. During the entire freedom movement, be it violent or non-violent, there was not a single Martyr amongst Bengali Muslims although they constituted 54% of population in Bengal. Hundreds of Martyrs cropped up from 46% of minority Hindus in United Bengal.
    • So, Jinnah alone did not partition India. Islam did and Islam only did it. Every believer of Islam in India i.e. every Muslim did partition India.
    • They skip two undeniable facts: (a) In undivided India in 1946 before partition, an election was held. In that election there was only one issue. Congress wanted undivided India. Muslim league demanded Pakistan after division of the country. In that election 92% Muslims throughout the India supported Muslim League. So, partition of the country was not Jinnah’s dream alone - it was backed by overwhelming majority of Muslims of our country. So, the entire Muslim community of India is responsible for the partition of India.
      (b) Those parts of India where Hindus were in vast majority and stood no chance of being included in Pakistan like Delhi, Mumbai, Madras, Bihar, UP, MP, Maharashtra etc- even Muslims from those parts also voted for Muslim League favouring Pakistan. They echoed the same view like their brethren in Bengal, Punjab and Sindh. So, the demand for Pakistan was the demand of all Muslims across the entire length and breadth of the country.
    • The Muslims of Kerala, TN, Bihar, Karnataka, West Bengal must be asked -- why did you vote for Pakistan that day? If Pakistan were your dreamland - why did you not migrate?
    • The established historic fact is - Jinnah did not create Pakistan, it was Islam that did it. 92% of Muslims catalyzed that process, not Jinnah alone. Jinnah just utilized that opportunity.

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