Wednesday, December 30, 2009

St. Thomas in India: Thiruvalluvar ‘baptised’ to betray Hindus – B.R. Haran « Bharata Bharati

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    • As brilliantly shown in the article St. Thomas in India: An IAS officer revisits a 400-year-old history hoax by V. Sundaram for the last four days, many attempts have been made at regular intervals to impose the concocted history of Thomas on the people, thereby removing the facts from their minds, about the persecution of Hindus and destroying of Hindu temples by the Christian invaders (Portuguese, French, and British) from the fifteenth century onwards.
    • It would be appropriate to conclude with the sensible and courageous words of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, “The church will have to go, and the Kapaleeshwara Temple re-built on that site. Hindus will do it with the help of sane and civilised Christians if possible, without them if necessary, and despite them if forced. When 83 percent Hindus unite, let those who are seeking to debase Hindu icons by bogus history realise that a religious tsunami will wash them away.”

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