Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why the Congress cannot erase Narasimha Rao: India News

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    • It's almost as if P V Narasimha Rao never existed, as if the most difficult years in India's [ Images ] recent history were being managed by the invisible hands of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi [ Images ]. The credit for economic reforms all goes to Rajiv Gandhi while the blame for Ayodhya is reserved for Rao. This was Sonia Gandhi's [ Images ] version of India's recent history during the 125th Foundation Day ceremony of the Indian National Congress. She enumerated the achievements of every Congress prime minister since independence but erased Rao and his contributions from her narrative.
    • It is not difficult to decipher why Congress has over the years created this myth that Rao was a closet RSS-wallah. This allowed the Congress to absolve its rank and file of all the blame and make Rao a convenient scapegoat. It is neatly forgotten that it was Rajiv Gandhi's government that opened the locks and performed shilanyas at the disputed site.
    • Harsh Pant teaches at King's College London [ Images ] and is presently a Visiting Professor at IIM-Bangalore.

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