Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aurangabad Police seized live bombs and arms from Ex-army man | ummid.com

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    • Malegaon
    • The police in Kannad – a small town 55 kilometers to Aurangabad seized live bombs and arms from an ex-army man in a raid Sunday.


      According to the report published in the Mumbai based Urdu daily Inquilab, when the police raided the house of the former army man, Ghulab Rao Sonawane after it received the complaints that he was roaming in Kannad with swords in his hands, they were surprised to find two live bombs, swords and other objectionable materials.

    • Ghulab Rao Sonawane
    • He also said that the accused had a dubious record. In 1998 he was charged of burglary and the stolen materials were also recovered from him.

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