Tuesday, January 12, 2010

India should emulate Israel, says Bhagwat

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    • Anand Raj Singh
    • Praising Israel which is ‘surrounded by adversaries from all sides but still none has the guts to attack it directly or indirectly’, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said on Sunday that India should take a lesson and immediate steps as it is ‘surrounded by adversaries like Pakistan, China and Bangladesh’.
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    • Like Israel is a Jew country from its core, in spite of 17% Muslim population, India too can become a strong Hindu nation with 17% Muslim population. After all, we are not for hatred toward any religion, but in today's world, when terrorism is redefined as being sponsored by religion, India needs to become an Israel. That will be unite at least rest 80% of population and that is sufficient to protect the nationhood. I agree with you Bhagwat ji. But, no talks only, please act, else this country will be on its knees under Congress rule.

      By Himanshu

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