Tuesday, January 12, 2010

IntelliBriefs: Brief analysis on Military Intelligence and ISI based induced terrorist organization MQM and ‘puppet on unseen strings’

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    • By Gull Baloch
    • MQM is produced and empowered as subset of ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) by military dictator Zia-ul-Haq during mid 1980s. The main purpose of this organization to encounter the Shiite (Shia) revolution in Iran, to perpetrate Shiite - Sunni imbalance in region, produces Mujahedeen or Taliban for war in Afghanistan and to prevent national rise and national question especially among Baloch and Sindhi. That’s why Urdu-Speakers are more Paksitani than anyone else due to lack of national identity.
    • The questions are what kind of aims and objectives hold by these immigrants so called Urdu-Speakers? Whether they want to hold the control of whole Karachi? Or hijack the city and land of other nation that living here for centuries? Or they want to vacant the rest of people in Multi-national city? Or they want unending ethnic clashes?

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