Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A tutorial for Rahul baba

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    • Tavleen Singh
    • Let me begin by admitting that the reason why I have rarely written about Rahul Gandhi in this column is because I find it hard to take him seriously. I know that he is heir to the democratic Kingdom of India and that it is certain that he will claim his inheritance at an appropriate moment and if that is what the people of India want, it’s fine by me.
    • Rahul’s motives are harder to gauge but there is no harm at all in him seeing how millions of Indians eke out an existence after so many decades of his family’s rule.
    • After his excursions, I have waited for him to say something that showed he learned something important from these field trips. But, since Rahul has said almost nothing of any significance about the grim economic and political problems that confront India, I have been unable to do more than cheer him on especially when he ordered his party MPs to spend a night in the poorest village in their constituencies. It’s too bad some took tents and feather pillows along.
    • I spent hours trawling the web and delving into archives for old speeches. At the end of this exercise I concluded that Rahul had indeed said some things of importance to the Congress party but almost nothing of importance to India.
    • From Rahulji we have heard a lot of loose talk about ‘empowerment’ without any explanation of what the word means to him. Occasionally he explains that the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS)is his idea of empowering the poor and this is most worrying. The NREGS is a form of dole for the unemployed and unemployable and dole cannot ever bring empowerment.
    • few tutorials could make a huge difference to our Renaissance man.

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