Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hindu News Capsule: Result of 2009 Indian Parliamentary Elections ---An analysis

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    • Tapan Kumar Ghosh
    • Despite a huge success in Amarnath movement, what made BJP not even get a single seat in Jammu? Previously BJP was not a blank over there. This movement was initiated by Sangha Pariver. Is it false? In Tamilnadu a massive movement underwent over "Ramsetu" issue and it was crowned with success. Where is the result out of it? The biggest question is on Orissa. Here, BJP has drawn a flack, a sharp drop from seven to zero. In Chattishgarh, Dilip Singh Judeo of BJP is a prominent figure against Christian conversion. He has won with a massive margin and also made BJP win in that belt. But why BJP failed to win a single seat from the tribal belt of Orissa and even from Kandhamal where Swami Laxmanananda was assassinated? After the gruesome murder of Swamiji there was a mass upsurge amongst the tribals. Where did it evaporate? The answer lies on the event of 25th. December last year. VHP called a statewide Bandh that day in protest against the murder of Swamiji. However, VHP was compelled to withdraw the Bandh call under pressure from Sangha parivar and Advani just for the sake of saving the coalition government. It was once again proved that political interest was foremost in their mind. Ideology is only on their lip. The tribal society did not take this utter hypocrisy and chicanery lightly.
    • In Assam BJP got 4 seats out of 13. On what basis did BJP get those seats? Sangha Parivar is organizationally very week in Assam. Somebody may infer this success owing to coalition with AGP. This is absolutely wrong. Does AGP make BJP the senior partner in the coalition just like that without deliberating pros and cons? BJP can't garner votes in Delhi and Bombay on the plank of development. Is it not totally foolish to contemplate that BJP garners votes in Assam on development issue? So, the right conclusion is :-BJP got it's votes in Assam. Why? Because, Hindus know very well from their realistic, day to day experience that their very existence is at stake. So, they voted for BJP as a last resort.

      BJP got those Hindu votes in large chunk in spite of possibly the weakest organization in Assam out of whole India. Had votes been representative of organizational strength then BJP would have got maximum votes in Kerala as RSS has maximum number of Shakhas in Kerala. However, during last 20 years, BJP votes have hovered in Kerala between 6% to 12%.

    • Dear reader, you might be feeling hurt within but I am writhing with a deeper pain. I have worked as a RSS whole timer over three decades and it pinches me, it hurts me, it tramples my sentiment, it numbs my sensory nerve, it traumatises me. Dear reader, you are not aware of the following facts. When these so called great BJP leaders were central ministers, they gave directives in their own ministry that if any office bearer of any Hindu organization writes any letter- it need not be replied. Not only was any reply sent but also there was no acknowledgement of these letters. All other letters used to be replied as a routine.
    • We in RSS always used to pledge by 'Akhanda Bharat' i.e. " Undivided Motherland'. How is the character of so called BJP leaders? Vajpayee went to Pakistan, wore a white band of clothe across his forehead and kissed "Minar-e-Pakistan". Minar-e-Pakistan stands for Pakistani nationhood. By acknowledging this Minar-e-Pakistan, Vajpayee supported Pakistani nationhood and buried the resolve for our great undivided motherland. The visit was not obligatory for Vajpayee to do this. It was his characterlessness and abdication of ideology. When the head of state from Pakistan visits India, he visits Tajmahal but never goes to Rajghat to bow his head in front of epitaph of Gandhi.

    • In a nutshell, BJP went in a secular mode and it was badly defeated in 1984 & 2004. Advani made BJP bite the dust in 2009. The word secular is great but in Indian real politik it's real meaning is appeasement, blatant minority appeasement and pandering to the base instincts to the fullest extent.
    • Had there been no Varun Gandhi, BJP would have been in single digit in UP. Varun Gandhi won with a huge margin of 2.3 lakh votes with a Hindu flag in his hands and purely on a Hindu agenda even during the worst BJP plight. Is that Hindu vote or secular vote? BJP garners Hindu votes and dreams of distorted secularism under the influence of media which itself is corrupt, immoral and bribed by petro dollars. In the yore, one foolish Brahmin had a goat but ten frauds repeatedly kept on misleading that foolish Brahmin that it was a dog and the Brahmin abandoned the goat thinking it to be a dog. BJP grew up from 2 to 182 on Hindutva. Analogically, BJP has left Hindutva equating it to be a dog rather than a goat and has declined to 116. It will fall further. However, if BJP gets CONGRESSIZED fully, it will rise again. The young generation leaders of BJP are striving hard to bring in Congressization into BJP.
    • What is Congressization?

      Congress as of present date can be best described as a conglomeration of opportunists and self seekers. This trend is very predominant over last four decades. It has not even slightest trace of organizational infrastructure anywhere and it is and it was not a cohesive party but a platform. Anybody may come in and anybody may go out at any point of time. It is the empire of one dynasty and loyalty is the only criterion. Naturally, merit can't coexist with flattery. So, this so called party revolves around a culture that panders to lower base instincts.

    • This culture does not only exist in Indian National Congress but also every offshoot and branch that it has shed like Trinamool Congress, Tamil Manila Congress etc. Only personality cult reigns supreme.
    • This very mean Congress culture is going to engulf BJP. This is most worrisome and this degenerative process has set in. Advani's daughter with no political experience but only on the strength of being Advani's daughter wants to be projected onto the political projectile. Naturally, those who are dedicated enough and have gone up the rung feel dejected and disheartened.

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