Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Hindu » Blog Archive » No need to hate Muslims, Christians and Commies: They are mental patients

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    • Now let us zero in on the facts: All the three Ms (Marxists, Mullahs and Missionaries) swear by a holy book (Communist Manifesto, Koran and Bible in that order.  All the three Ms have a particular messiah (Karl Marx, Mohammed and Jesus in that order). All the three Ms fervently believe that their path is the only path.  All the three Ms divide the world into believers and non-believers. The followers of all the three Ms seriously believe that belief in their ideologies is the highest. To put it in a single word, all the three Ms are belief systems.
    • The three Ms believe in conversion of the Other — which results in violence of both gross and subtle nature.
    • Postscript: I am not the first person to says that Muslims, Christians and Communists are mental patients.  H G Wells said it long back.  I am only repeating his words.