Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LA bishop apologizes to Hindus for conversions in past « Hindu focus

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    • The ultra liberal Episcopal Bishop of Los Angeles J. Jon Bruno offered a formal apology to Hindus for centuries-old acts of religious discrimination including attempts by Christians to convert them.

      He then authorized a joint Hindu-Anglican service at St John’s Cathedral in Los Angeles permitting Hindu devotees to receive the consecrated elements.

      According to a statement read on his behalf by suffragan Bishop Chester Talton, he vowed not to proselytize non-Christians. “I believe that the world cannot afford for us to repeat the errors of our past, in which we sought to dominate rather than to serve, in this spirit, and in order to take another step in building trust between our two great religious traditions, I offer a sincere apology to the Hindu religious community,” said the bishop’s statement reported by the Los Angeles Times.

    • The bishop also said he was committed to renouncing “proselytizing” of Hindus.