Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Usual Suspects: Takeover hiccups

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    • The takeover strategists believe that with RNS at the helm in the Lok Sabha, their own man as national president and Nagpur-appointed officers working as sangathan mantri throughout India, the BJP will be a mirror image of the Sangh.

      There have been complaints from different states that the sangathan mantris are exercising tight control over the renewal of membership in the districts. They are following Lenin's dictum: "better fewer, but better".

      The difference between a voluntary organisation and a political party has been lost sight of. A voluntary organisation is oriented towards its membership; a political party has to take the whole country as its target audience.

      So, who is likely to be the next president of the BJP?

      As of now, NITIN GADHKARI is the clear favourite.

      With his amiable disposition, he has the advantage of being liked by everyone, including the LKA camp. If the BJP-SS does well in Maharashtra, his prospects will improve.

      If the takeover falters, the dark horse to look out for is the evergreen M.VENKIAH NAIDU of Nellore.

    • by Swapan Dasgupta