Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Miraj on the path led by Narendra Modi - Sughosh |

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    • Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat will be visiting Sangli on Wednesday. He is coming for canvassing for the BJP candidates contesting in the forthcoming elections to be held in the next week. He will get to see a new and changed Maharashtra during his tour.

      He will be happy. He is the one who started a new era in Indian politics. He brought new winds. Earlier, there was influence of Gandhi’s philosophy on the Indian politics. In Gandhi philosophy, however, the main thrust is on the welfare of Muslims. ‘Hindus should sacrifice to protect the interest of Muslim’, is the base of his thought process. He, however, does not agree with the condition that Muslims should also sacrifice to protect Hindu interests. He believed that love and unity cannot be achieved by stipulating conditions. ‘Muslims should riot, Hindus should die, their women may be molested but Hindus should not retaliate because retaliation adversely affects unity, is the thinking of Gandhi.

      This practice of Gandhism was changed by Narendra Modi. Hindus have something to say in cases of riots, there are many things with Hindus which can be told to Muslims. If they listen to what Hindus have to say, their yearning for riots will slowly disappear. This is what Modi said and he also showed experiments based on his principles. After the Godhra case, he started talking to Muslims in their language which bore fruits. They started feeling that rather than fighting with Hindus, they can live with Hindus in harmony.
    • Hindus now know that although Muslims are temporarily calm, they can revert back to showing their true colour with the help and assistance of the Government. Hence, on 13th October 2009, the Hindus have decided to vote in such manner so that the evil forces do not get any kind of encouragement.