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Babri to Mumbai attack: One conspiracy Dr Pravin Togadia

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    • Babri to Mumbai attack: One conspiracy
      Dr Pravin Togadia
    • Even today, Hindu faith has not withered away as a few pseudo-seculars love to believe. Hindu faith is not Mao’s state that "would wither away". Hindu faith is a constant flow like Ganga Maa going on for ages even before the English language (in which secularism word is written!) was born, even before Islam came into existence and even before Mao’s "to be withered away state" was born. So, 99 per cent of the people whom we meet have this continuous faith in their minds. Expression may differ. Remaining one per cent is a cynical lot-perhaps the most confused lot. They do not come from various walks of life. They are shrunk into some so-called chatter box professions and some of them are typical socialites with a peculiar shrill voice. This one loves the fashion to question all that is Hindu and glorify all that is non-Hindu. Meaning, when Babri falls, this one per cent cries, "Oh, heritage fell!" But when many Hindu temples in Mysore are broken by Babri claimant types (not in the history, but broken in 2009!), this one per cent maintains conspicuous silence. Then they do not recall the word "heritage" or "respect for other’s religion", etc.
    • This one per cent even damns 99 per cent who fold their hands in faith as: ‘‘You old fool! You are not modern moderate. You live in the history and you are taking Bharat backwards." When this 99 per cent craves for building a magnificent Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, this one per cent yells from the chatter boxes and from the commissioned reports, "Ram is not important today. Roti is important." This one per cent even has the audacity to blame 99 per cent faithful Hindus for the terror attacks on Bharat. Their fuzzy logic is: "Because Babri was demolished and because in Gujarat Hindus reacted, the terror attacks in and on Bharat have started." While saying it, this one per cent exhibit their own short memory and lack of homework. They conveniently hide that in 1947-48 when Hindus were massacred, Babri was still standing there. In 1990 when Hindu Kashmiri Pundits were butchered and made to be victims of ethnic cleansing in Kashmir by Babri-builder types, Babri was still standing there.
    • The unfortunate part is that, it requires a Kasab to be caught and it requires a convert David Headlely alias Dawud Gilani to be exposed for the vast nation like Bharat to sit up and finally look at the truth that "This is a grand large plan to spread Islam by breaking systems, cracking economies and terrorising all those who are not like them." Same model was used when in 712 Mohammad Bin Kasim entered Sindh and broke a huge Hindu temple in the then Karachi which was in Bharat. Then the series of such invasions and breaking temples, occupying lands, converting /killing people started and then the culmination of it was around 400 years of rule on most of Bharat. Gazni kept on coming into Bharat again and again for 20 years before he finally broke Somnath. That happened on the Gujarat coast. When we say this, the pseudo-seculars shout, "History history! Live in the present. Speak of SEZs, FDIs." In November 2008 when Kasab and his jehadi gang entered Bharat from the Gujarat coast, it was history repeated. This time they did not stop so short at Somnath but could come right up to the commercial heart of Bharat and attacked the proud commercial symbols and lifelines of Bharat like the star hotels, hospitals and railway stations in Mumbai. This is the point. Their invasions and attacks have not stopped since 718. They always have attacked the symbols of Bharat’s faith and prosperity. Then it was rich and crowded temples, now it is financial temples like BSE in 1993 and hotels/hospitals/railways in 2007, 2009 and even before that. Same method. Same goal, modern targets, modern weapons.
    • After electronic and financial inventions in the modern era, all that has changed are the methods, not the goal. First it was a long journey on camels and horses that they then undertook and today they use faster planes, fraudulently made passports and fake currencies to enter and invade. So, those who ignore this dangerous pattern and vicious goal thinking that it is just some imaginary outburst of some people like us, then they are in for a rude shock. They got that shock during the Mumbai attack. The tragic part is that in spite of so many people’s sacrifice in Mumbai, so much economic loss in Mumbai and such a deep trauma in Mumbai, this one per cent are turning a blind eye to the pattern that has emerged historically and is existing and fast spreading like an epidemic even today.
    • Those who had then broken Sri Ram Temple and Somnath Temple, the same people today, by breaking stock markets, business establishments, railway stations and hospitals, are trying to re-establish their rule on Bharat and are snatching roti and living of Bharat. We all know how many died in many jehadi attacks past many years. Due to closure of many business establishments during the Mumbai attack many lost their income. Those who yell, "No Ram, speak roti", must now open their eyes and brains wide and see that Ram and roti are not either or; they are the part of the same one Bharat for 99 per cent. We salute those who bravely fought the jehadis in Mumbai and caught Kasab and got this larger invaders’ conspiracy exposed the same way we salute Kothari brothers and others who sacrificed their lives at Ayodhya. We appreciate those abroad who finally caught Headley and exposed an even larger global jehadi conspiracy. The entire world is alert and aware of the goal of these invaders who started then by breaking worship places as symbols and now break financial symbols.
    • (The writer is a renowned cancer surgeon and secretary general of VHP. He can be contacted at

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