Sunday, December 6, 2009

Full text of the press statement issued by VHP president Shri Ashok Singhal

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    • Ready for any sacrifice for Ram Temple, but demolition was not planned

      Full text of the press statement issued by VHP president Shri Ashok Singhal in New Delhi on November 27.
    • It has been substantiated and demonstrated on the basis of Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPRS) and archaeological excavations that a pre-existing grand Hindu temple was in evidence at the site before 1528 CE which the jehadi megalomaniac invader Babur got demolished and then got superimposed with a structure symbolising slavery and humiliation of the indigenous culture. He did not choose to go in for a virgin land, but in accordance with the jehadi policy, targeted the birthplace of our national hero and cultural icon. The so-called Babari structure was, therefore, nothing but a political statement by an invader. The Hindu society never accepted this symbol of disgrace and in order to reclaim its religio-cultural freedom went into battle 76 times since to liberate Sri Ramjanmabhoomi and lakhs of our compatriots became martyrs.
    • The Hindus lodged a case in 1950. The case of the Muslim Waqf Board was lodged in 1962. The case ran for 40 years in the district court. It has been going on for 20 years now in the High Court. But still nowhere appears to be the end of the tunnel. Lifetimes of delay in solving this single case is a classic case of justice delayed is justice denied. Even today the case is being unduly dragged for vested interests. The delay being made by the government under the pretext of the matter being subjudice is again creating annoyance, anger and frustration in the national society. The Hindu society is tolerant, but patience also has its limits.

      The passing of a High Court judgement was scheduled prior to December 6, 1992 in the case concerning the 2.77 acres of surrounding land, excluding Sri Ramjanmabhoomi, acquired by the Uttar Pradesh government in 1991. Justice Raza-one of the members of the three-member bench of Hon’ble High Court-kept his judgement reserved and in abeyance. This act provoked the lakhs of karsevaks present at that time in Ayodhya and the spontaneous reaction of the pent-up feelings saw the December 6 events happening. It is a moot question as to whose conspiracy it was to have the judgement reserved? Was it possible to do so without a nod from the then central government?
    • We appeal to the Venerable Sants to remain ready to offer leadership to the movement. We appeal to the youth to remain ready for struggles and sacrifices. We would counsel the political parties to declare to trash the Liberhan Commission report and pave the way for re-construction of a grand temple at Sri Ramjanmabhoomi by a law of Parliament, otherwise the Hindu society would be compelled to recommence a huge nationwide movement after a decision to this effect is taken at the forthcoming Haridwar Purna Kumbha.

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