Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Organiser - TogadiaSpeak - From Green and White Revolutions to Bloody Revolution for Food !

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    • TogadiaSpeak
    • From Green and White Revolutions to Bloody Revolution for Food !
    • By Dr Pravin Togadia
    • Angry mobs in any nation do not fall from the sky. They are made of common public. And when own hunger and family’s food-water-milk deprivation are the causes of that anger, nothing stops such mobs to go to any extent. From French Revolution to Somalia and Haiti—the world has witnessed it all.

      Price hike cartel in Bharat is pushing public in Bharat exactly towards such anger. Bharat has seen many famines and in some parts droughts. People of Bharat have tremendous patience. They wait longer than people in many other nations. But when their patience withers away, they get united and furious. We witnessed that in responding to Emergency. Then it was a mild revolution more resulting into political catharsis. But today’s anger of common public is not as simple as it may sound. During my travel I meet people and families from various communities and from varied social stratum.
    • We notice such signals in people’s behaviour. Road rage, sudden depressive behaviour among youth, family feuds resulting into on spur of a moment murder, teachers suddenly beating up children, looting in unusual places, juniors suddenly shooting at seniors—there are many such examples. Usually the common man never behaves like this. The common man in Bharat is generally quite ‘cool’. But no more.
    • The reasons are not natural like famine or drought. In Punjab there is an excess production of wheat and in UP there is an excess production of dal. But some say there are no labourers to lift that wheat and put in the trucks and therefore wheat is expensive; some say Korean dal looks good and it is selling cheap in the market. Therefore Indian dal has become expensive. Some say there is less production of dal therefore it is expensive. What about sugar? Some say sugar production was lower and so prices ‘will go up’. And lo and behold! Prices go up! The same great sugar baron in the background for two years had been saying sugar factories are going in losses because there had been excess production of sugar cane and that they had to give stipulated price to the farmers. That time sugar production was in excess! He even was doing marathon meetings with various people to see if loss-making sugar factories can be turned around! (To be concluded)

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