Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Indian police can protect Rahul/Varun Gandhi, let Pakistan protect SR Khan'

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    • The problem for Shahrukh Khan's Pakistan position, which slipped out of his tongue, is that at the end of the day, even as he vouches for an enemy state Pakistan which won't relinquish occupied Kashmir and whose terrorist groups are looking to kill Indian police and armymen whenever possible; to get his film My Name is Khan released now, he has to call for help and has to take security cover of those very same Indian police and perhaps armymen, whose sacrifice and service he was trying to undermine by vouching for Pakistan despite 26/11.


      This is called irony. Not a good position to be in if you're Khan. His apologists have tried to link him to Rahul Gandhi, but unfortunately Rahul Gandhi and Shahrukh Khan are two different situations altogether. Rahul Gandhi was vouching for Uttar Pradesh and Bihar last week and generally India for Indians, a position that's generally not too unpopular, even in Maharashtra. Though his sincerity can be questioned as it was his party that allowed MNS, which unlike Shiv Sena was committing treason
    • Whereas Rahul Gandhi's position on Pakistan, is a lot closer to Varun Gandhi than it is to Shahrukh Khan. Had Rahul Gandhi pulled a SRK on Pakistan, his visit to Mumbai too would not have gone safely for him. The sainiks didn't go after Rahul Gandhi not because they were afraid but simply because the guy's position on Pakistan was the same as theirs more or less. That's the bottom line.

      But the Shahrukh Khan situation is different.
    • Shahrukh Khan, constantly on the other hand, tries to equate India to Pakistan in context of situations like My Name is Khan, thereby a) often dragging all the khans by implication with him whether they agree or not b) begging the fundamental question if Hindustan and Pakistan were the same, why seek refuge in Hindustan after 1947? Why not try his filmi luck in Lahore or Rawalpindi instead of coming to Bandra?

      So the Indian police and security forces, no matter of which state, even if they have to protect Khan will do so half-heartedly at best.

      Because you don't give signals, however implicit, that you support Pakistan while living in India. A foolish move by Khan, an otherwise clever and shrewd man if not always sincere man. But a move he will regret moving forward regardless of MNIK, whether he acknowledges or not.

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