Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Old caves of Mumbai to get a new look -

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    • The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has finally taken the responsibility of restoring two of the well-known caves in Mumbai — the Mandapeshwar and Mahakali caves dating back to the 7th Century AD and 5th Century AD, respectively. Both the caves have severely deteriorated after years of neglect.
    • The rock-cut cave is believed to have a huge sculpture of Natraja (though it’s not a confirmed identity because the structure has been damaged beyond recognition) and other sculptures of Ganesha and other Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Above this cave was a Portugese monastery built in the 17th century, which has also been badly damaged.
    • The Mandapeshwar caves in Borivli

      It’s a similar story with the Mahakali caves in Andheri. This group of 15 caves, recognised as Buddhist caves, has a finely carved sculpture of Buddha on a lotus and a stupa among other structures.

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