Wednesday, March 3, 2010

VivekaJyoti: Islam came to India with barbaric invaders, who hated Hindus, slaughtered hundreds of millions of them & destroyed every thing that Hindus loved.

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    • by Chand K Sharma
    • As there was no patronage to the Brahmans and learned, they gave up their traditional occupation of learning and preaching. Being driven to poverty, they relied on charity from Hindu society, or meager earnings by conducting rituals for their Hindu clients. As a result rituals dominated substance, became cumbersome, and unbearably expensive.

    • The Muslim Sultans and nobility had their lustful eyes on handsome Hindu boys and girls, who were enslaved and forced to embrace Islam. The Hindu ladies also picked the Islamic custom of Purdah (veil), to preserve their honor.

      Eventually, unlike in South India , the northerners gave up marriages to be held during daytime. Hindu marriages started taking place at night. The groom would go to the bride's place at late evening, get married before the fire and return with the bride, also at night.

      Muslims did not defecate in the jungle, as Hindus did. That was considered a Kafir practice. Due to defecation in private by Muslims, the carrying of the night soil on their head was forced upon Hindu prisoners. This disgraceful practice ushered unsociable amongst Hindus for hygienic reasons. Later this aspect was further overplayed and continues to be so, to engineer conversions.

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