Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'Scared Pak Hindus fleeing to India' - Jaipur - City - The Times of India

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    • Vimal Bhatia, TNN
    • Hindus in Pakistan are scared after the recent atrocities against minorities perpetrated by religious fanatics. Many are now making a beeline for the Indian High Commission for visas to flee the disturbed Islamic state. However, most have to return disappointed as the Indian mission in Islamabad is very strict in issuing visas as relations between the two countries are now at nadir.
    • Bhavru Ram Bheel, a resident of Pakistan's Rahmiyar Khan area, who came to India by Thar Express on February 20, said about 10 families (50 to 60 members) had permanently left Pakistan by train never to be return to that country and many more are in the queue. He said, Taliban has unleashed a reign of terror among the Hindus by kidnapping the young women of Hindus. He said, "They tried to kidnap my daughters three four times. However we managed to save our honour. We have left behind everything and came to India."

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